Frequently asked questions.

How the cooperation looks like?

The first step is initial consultation or video call that will help us clarify your expectations and the way I can help you. My design process usually includes these steps: user research, creating wireframes, moodboard, sketching the visual style, finalization of the visual style, designing the homepage, designing sub-pages, interaction design, optimization for retina screens, coding and final optimization of the code.

How long does it take?

Designing and building small website (microsite) takes approximately 30 days. In case of more complex projects, we will need approximately two months. Important factor that determines the speed of realization of the project is speed of feedback. If project has to approved by higher number of stakeholders, it usually takes more time.

How much does it cost?

Initial consultation is free. In case of small website (microsite), the price begins at $750 (€702). In case of business website or e-commerce, the price is approximately twice as high. I calculate the final price on base of our initial consultation. My no-project hour rate is $35 (€31) per hour.

What is your output?

Outputs are determined by the scope of my work. In case of design and development, my outputs are PSD files and HTML, CSS a JavaScript (complete website). In case of design, my outputs are PSD files for coder.

Can we find you on social networks?

Yes, you can find me on Twitter, GitHub, CodePen, LinkedIn, Facebooku, Dribbble, Behance and Telegram.

Can we meet in person?

If you are currently in Prague, yes we can meet in person!